Provincetown’s Herring Cove Once Called New Beach

The New Beach, Provincetown Postcard 1940s

The New Beach, Provincetown Postcard 1940s

Today this beach is known as “Herring Cove”,  but during the mid 20th century it was called “New Beach”.  The name came from the new Masachussets state highway constructed in the 1920’s, which provided easy access to the beach at the tip of Cape Cod. With hundreds of parking spaces, two bathhouses, and a snack bar— by the 1950s New Beach was a popular tourist attraction to visitors who wanted to enjoy a swim, regardless of the tide schedule.

In 1962 the National Park Service took over ownership and management of this popular beach and renamed it Herring Cove– the original name of the shoreline popular with fisherman. Beach grass was planted to try and slow erosion, but it’s been a losing battle.   Wave action, rising seas, and shifting sands have created havoc with the parking area of this beach long popular with nature lovers and nudists who have enjoyed the solitude afforded by the expansive dune landscape. Certainly the characters in Remaining in Provincetown frequent Herring Cove Beach a beautiful spot for watching the sunset.  It might even be a spot to hide a murder weapon or to bid a last good-bye.  Haven’t read the mystery novel Remaining in Provincetown by S.N. Cook?  Autographed copies are available at The Provincetown Bookshop or buy a copy in trade paperback or as an ebook online.  Like us on Facebook and keep the conversation going.

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