Provincetown inns and guest houses offer quality lodging

Provincetown Cape Cod The Bradford Inn when postcards costs one penny to mail.

Provincetown Cape Cod
The Bradford Inn when postcards cost one penny to mail.

Inns or what have long been referred to as “Bed n” Breakfasts” and “Guest Houses”  enable Cape Cod visitors when staying in Provincetown to fully grasp the unique flavor of the town. As shown in the above postcard circa 1900,  gracious well maintained Inns have long been a Provincetown tradition. We have dozens of wonderful such places to stay in Provincetown, although you are cautioned to make your reservations early because the best ones fill up fast. One of our favorites is the Revere Guest House which has  been  featured on the HGTV  TV show “If Walls Could Talk”, The HGTV episode provides some insight into the history of the building, revealed by some unusual documents the owners found during renovations, not unusual in a town filled with history. Each room at the guest house  has a different name to characterize its slightly different amenities.    Decorating rooms to have a unique personality is something that one of the characters, Bruno Marchessi,  in the mystery novel Remaining in Provincetown is very proud of accomplishing in his own guest house “The Willows”. Set in Provincetown in early spring, before the start of the busy tourist season, this is a book that will get you in the mood for your visit. Curious to learn more? Visit our page on Facebook and become a fan. We’ll keep you posted with colorful snippets of Provincetown history. Buy a copy of the book, Remaining in Provincetown by S.N. Cook, available online and at bookstores. Purchase your copy now and become transported to another time and place.

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