Vacationing in Provincetown Cape Cod in 1911

Old colonial house by the sea in Provincetown, Cape Cod circa 1911

Old colonial house by the sea in Provincetown, Cape Cod circa 1911

A beautiful seaside setting in Provincetown, on the tip of Cape Cod, is depicted in this antique postcard. Labeled “Old Colonial House” I’m not certain where this is except to guess it looks to be on the West End of town, which is the older portion of Provincetown. The postcard was mailed in 1911 from Mary to Millie and here is what is says:

The wheel on the boat broke down and we were two hours late so missed the train and had to stay in Provincetown over Sunday. Stayed at the Gifford House and had a dandy time. It is just lovely here and the daisies and roses are so pretty. We went for a long walk this morning. We’ve had plenty of showers today but hope it is pleasant tomorrow.  Love from South Wellfeet.

So evidently Mary took the Boston Ferry Boat to Provincetown as the quickest way to get to South Wellfleet. At the time she was traveling, the train still carried passengers up and down Cape Cod. Her firiend, who she was writing to lived in Wollaston, Massachusetts.  People sometimes arrive  to places quite by accident and end up staying there, like some of the characters in the new murder mystery novel Remaining in Provincetown by S.N. Cook. Want to learn more?  Read the book now available online in trade paperback and  on kindle. Like us on Facebook and continue the conversation.

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