Image: Truro Center Cape Cod Retreat from Provincetown


Ever wonder what Truro Town center looked like before the current small shopping center with Jams, Mac’s Seafood Market Market, and The Truro Post Office was built?  Well here is an antique post card from the time when it only cost one penny to mail. (Two cents to mail to Cuba, Canada, or Mexico).  Yes, this postcard was printed when Americans like Ernest Hemingway frequently traveled back and forth to Cuba. Also shown is the Cobb Memorial Library, a lovely historic building that has been replaced by the large Truro Public Library on Standish Way. Truro has always been a rural hamlet, a place to retreat from the hustle and bustle of Provincetown. What happens when a mysterious death takes place at the height of summer? Readers of Remaining in Provincetown are patiently waiting for the release of book # 2, primarily set in Truro.  Haven’t read Remaining in Provincetown yet??? Autographed copies are available at The Provincetown Bookstore and ebooks and trade paperbacks are available online. Like us on Facebook and keep the conversation going!

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