Image: Provincetown Bathing Beach a Tourist Attraction

Brown's Bathing Beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts

Brown’s Bathing Beach in Provincetown, Mass.

It was a time of discretion , when men and women covered themselves for the sake of modesty when bathing at a public beach. Brown’s Bathing Beach in Provincetown, was such a place where there were booths for changing into the appropriate bathing suits. Automobiles and trains enabled tourists to travel to scenic  beach side resorts such as  Provincetown, located on the tip of Cape Cod. It was a popular destination. With its narrow streets and houses built along the waterside, many guest houses and hotels established thriving businesses. Shops and restaurants geared to the tourist trade soon followed, creating a seasonal economy. Nowadays Provincetown is still a popular summer destination with a seasonal economy. It’s the winter economy that can be challenging for those who live on the Outer Cape year-round, Curious to know what it’s like in early spring before the tourist season? Read the  soon-to-be-released novel Remaining in Provincetown.

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