Provincetown night life at the Pilgrim House

Pilgrim House, Provincetown Massachusetts built in 1781

Pilgrim House, Provincetown Massachusetts built in 1781

The night life in Provincetown includes many different types of entertainment including drag shows like the famous performances by Lynne Carter at the Pilgrim house during the 1960s.  After all, people are not always who they appear to be and looks can be deceiving. A favorite place to gather was the Madeira Club.  It didn’t matter what your sexual preference– gay, straight, or bi— everyone appreciated Lynne’s performances as Bette Davis.  In the mid 1970s Carter purchased the Club. Too bad that nothing can last forever. In 1990 the Pilgrim House was destroyed by arson. Hmm arson… A mysterious fire? Arson does figure into the plot of the soon-to-be released mystery novel Remaining in Provincetown. Keep following this site to find out exactly when the book will be available. We’ll also be giving away a few free copies and if you’d like to suggest sales outlets… let us know. Thank you!

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