Provincetown an idyllic setting for a murder

Provincetown Street Scenecirca 1880

Provincetown, Massachusetts  Street Scene
circa 1880

In the early days of Provincetown, the streets were narrow and unpaved because most people got around on foot or by boat.  Today walking and bicycling are still the most efficient ways of transportation, particularly during the summer season when everything is so crowded,
So where was this picture taken (a colored lithographic print)? It looks like the west end of town, near the very tip of Cape Cod, but the bay on the left hand corner is so close to the edge… One of the nice things about the town is seeing the sea as you walk down Commercial Street. It’s a small town, with only two main streets running parallel to one another, making it a challenge for someone to commit a crime and make an easy getaway. But someone does commit a murder and manages to initially escape detection. Want to know more? You’ll  just have to read: Remaining in Provincetown. Stay tuned to this blog for more information.

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