Truro is the Setting for Mystery Novel Sequel to Remaining in Provincetown by S.N. Cook

Cape Cod Fishnet Industries in North Truro

Cape Cod Fishnet Industries in North Truro

This old glossy postcard from the 1960s show Tiny Worthington’s store Fishnet Industries and the caption on the postcard states it was open year round back in the days when telephones were managed by live operators and the phone number was “Provincetown 834”.  Advertised as “The only shop of its kind” the establishment provided year-round employment.  Thirty-five years ago, Truro in the summertime was not very different from Truro in 2015. But what happens when someone is found dead in a beautiful home with an idyllic view of the Pamet River.  Who is going to solve the mystery? Fans of Remaining in Provincetown will be please to know that a sequel has been written.  Currently being edited and reviewed, we’ll keep posting old postcards for your viewing pleasure.  Haven’t read the first book yet?  There’s still time during the cold winter months on Cape Cod.  Currently available online and at your favorite bookstores including the Provincetown Bookshop. Like us on Facebook and keep the conversation going.

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